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Getting Known, Making Connections and Maintaining Relationships

This engaging keynote draws from Nick’s extensive two-decade research on hyper networking to provide you and your team, clear and actionable strategies that can transform your professional life.

The art of Getting Known is our first focus. As you become more widely recognized, the need to explain who you are and what you do diminishes, as people will already be familiar with you.

Next we dive into Making Connections. Once you’ve established your presence, the ability to quickly build strong connections with individuals who can propel you in your desired direction becomes paramount.

Lastly we discuss the often-overlooked secret ingredient: maintaining those hard-earned relationships with minimal time and effort. After all, if you don’t nurture the connections you worked so hard to build, everything else is in vain.

This talk will equip you and your team with the ultimate advantage in mastering these three essential skill sets: getting known, making meaningful connections, and effortlessly maintaining those relationships in order to supercharge your networking abilities and pave the way for your future success.

"Mastering Conference Success: Your Guide to Maximum Value”

Do you find yourself attending conferences without a clear purpose, resulting in wasted time and resources? It’s time to change that narrative. This keynote speech offers a definitive plan to ensure your team excels at conferences.

Gone are the days of aimless wandering, excessive spending, and overindulgence. Instead, this talk equips your team with a strategic approach to conference domination. No more uncertainty – your team will arrive prepared to identify key individuals, allocate their time wisely, and forge meaningful connections.

Imagine returning from a conference with the same satisfaction as a successful hunt, armed with actionable results to boost your metrics immediately.

This talk will empower your team to dominate at conferences, ensuring that your attendance translates into tangible improvements for your organization. Elevate your conference game and achieve maximum value.

From Middle Class to Bad Ass (Elevate Your Life) *Motivational

In a world filled with stories of triumph over adversity, we often hear from speakers who have overcome extreme challenges to achieve success. Their journeys are undeniably inspiring, but what about those of us who come from average backgrounds, with no harrowing pasts to overcome? This is where this keynote speech steps in – a motivational talk designed exclusively for those in the middle.

Those who have grown up in a comfortable, average home without the specter of desperation, may find it challenging to muster the motivation to achieve more. We’re not striving to escape a desperate situation, but we do aspire to level up our lives. This talk is for individuals who don’t need to improve just to survive but want to elevate their lives to new heights.

My mission is to provide your team with the push, inspiration, and direction they need to embark on their personal journey of growth and transformation. We understand that they may not be driven by necessity but by the desire to become the best version of themselves.

My promise is that after attending this talk, your team will leave with a renewed fire in their hearts, eager to take on new challenges and committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. On this transformative journey, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the middle mentality transforms to become the driving force behind success.

Thriving in the New Hybrid Workplace

Todays executives need to be able to navigate this whole hybrid transition thing as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

A few important problem areas I’ve detected are…

Social Anxiety: after so much time away, face to face interactions have become a bit overwhelming for some.

Relationship Building: meaningful relationships are at the core of our professional journey. We MUST weave bonds that go beyond Zoom calls and e mails, that will result in true collaboration, innovation and lasting partnerships

Work-life Balance: It’s more important now than ever. Because we want high performance from our people without burning them out. I’ve done the research and dialed in how we can get

Increased employee engagement: So a team will become more actively involved and enthusiastic about their work.

Enhanced Collaboration: to increase the frequency of innovative ideas and more productive teamwork.

Improved Employee well-being: to lower turnover rates and increase job satisfaction.

Which combined will give us: Measurable productivity gains. We’ve got the techniques, they’re effective, they work and I’ve seen results as quick as the very next day. And whoever implements this blueprint will have a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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